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My name is Roy Schofield.

I was born in Leeds, England where I have always lived - even though I have travelled the world.

Many of my past memories stem from my love of Leeds United Football Club and travel - often combining both! I attended my first Leeds United match in 1961 and my first overseas visit was in 1971 - to watch Leeds United! Sadly, 2020 was the first year (for over 40 years) that I did not travel overseas and also missed my first Leeds game -  due to the Covid restrictions imposed.

Through my travels following football, my passion for travelling grew and I have now visited most areas of the world and currently visited 142 'official' countries (Member States of the United Nations) plus many other territories, taking photographs and writing blogs of my experiences.

Hopefully you will be encouraged to continue looking through my website - seeing pictures from my travels and to read about my adventures in my blogs. Some of the things I have seen have been truly amazing but sadly some have been hearbreakingly sad - where it would be totally inappropriate to take photographs. However, why not travel the world in my footsteps - and see some amazing sights this world has to offer - on this website.

I have many plans to continue to develop this website - including adding a FOOTBALL section  - which will include cine footage of my early visits overseas watching Leeds United.




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