My Cambodian family...

Pictures of the family's lives

[Images from 2016  -  Click on picture to enlarge]

The sleeping arrangements:

The stairs up to the upper room that shows the squalid conditions that the family live in.

This area is where the 6 boys sleep. They have one fan to help keep them cool - as overnight lowest temperatures are still around 26C.

Part of the floor is unsafe and cannot be used.

The pictures show the roof which has large gaps and many holes - where rainwater literally pours in whenever it rains (appalling conditions in the rainy season).


The lower room:

Here is the 'living room' and ''kitchen' area - where the rice is cooked. The pictures show where the family live - and the conditions they have to endure.

All the family's clothes are stored here too.

Also pictured is the 'bed' which mum and daughter share and the basic toilet and shower facilities for the eight of them to share.

The Outside...

Pictures show outside the family's home - where the children play (they have no toys) and also show 4 rats caught in a  neighbours house the previous night to my visit.

The children...

Some earlier pictures I have of the children - although not until I had known Mao for around 3 years.

Pictures of the children before they started attending school - and how a little money helped them to get uniforms and attend school every day - which they were thrilled and proud of.

Also  in this section, a picture to  show the little boy having treatment that cost almost a months wage for many Cambodians.